December 06, 2014

Data Security - Still an Oxymoron these many years later

Richard Kuper
The Kuper Report

It is sad to note that subjects such as data security, which I've written about on and off for many years and even gave a presentation on back in 2006, is still a major issue in 2014. I recently attended an event where the speakers were talking about companies finally starting to wake up and pay attention to the need to protect the security of their data better, and to also be able to cover the costs of breaches and still stay in business. The fact that they haven't yet fully awakened to this problem is deeply disturbing.

To get a sense of what Data Security issues were back in 2006, and how, sadly, things haven't changed all that much -- except for the changes in technology and how much easier it seems to have gotten to breach security -- here are links to 3 articles and a powerpoint.

From 2006:

Data Security: An Oxymoron

Data Security: An Oxymoron - continued

Data Security: Still An Oxymoron

Data Security: An Oxymoron (the PowerPoint presentation)