January 18, 2019

Google Home Adds "Feels Like" Temperature To Weather Report

By Richard L. Kuper
In the event you missed the previous articles comparing Google Home and Amazon Echo, you can find them here:



In the first article, I reported that neither the Google Home nor the Amazon Echo provided, nor were either able to provide information on what the temperature really felt like outside. I am happy to report that Google Home has started to provide that information in the weather report, when it is appropriate. For example, as I was writing this on a Thursday evening, I asked Google what the weather was. In addition to telling me that snow showers were coming, it told me it was 31 degrees. Then it went on to say: "Due to current wind conditions, it feels like it's 23." That, of course, is very helpful information. Please note, however, that when I simply asked what the current temperature was, Google told me what the temperature was and did not include the "feels like" information. So be sure to say something like: "Hey Google. What's the weather?" in order to get the "feels like" information when that is a factor. 

As of this writing, Amazon Echo does not provide "feels like" weather information.


Richard L. Kuper

The Kuper Report