April 07, 2020

Yet Another Data Breach

Long time readers of The Kuper Report know that I have been writing about data security, or the lack thereof, for many, many years. One would think that by the year 2020 organizations had gotten their acts together and addressed such matters -- and made sure the private personal data of their customers were protected. Sadly, this has not been the case.

On March 31, 2020, Marriott International, who I have written about in the past regarding privacy and security issues, announced that the following customer information was likely compromised:
  • Contact Details (e.g., name, mailing address, email address, and phone number)
  • Loyalty Account Information (e.g., account number and points balance, but not passwords)
  • Additional Personal Details (e.g., company, gender, and birthday day and month)
  • Partnerships and Affiliations (e.g., linked airline loyalty programs and numbers)
  • Preferences (e.g., stay/room preferences and language preference)
They also indicated that the security breach affected approximately 5.2 million guests.

For more information about the latest Marriott breach, see Marriott's support site.

As I have written many times before about privacy and security breaches, it is way past time that these issues were addressed and resolved. These breaches keep happening, frequently at the same companies. As I've also previously reported, breaches have occurred (and likely will continue) with voting machines. These serious privacy and security data breaches affect peoples lives.

When will privacy and security be taken seriously and dealt with properly by individuals, corporations, and the government? To purposely be redundant: It is way past time.


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Richard L. Kuper

The Kuper Report