September 10, 2021

Warning: Microsoft Zero-Day Vulnerability

If you still have Internet Explorer on your PC (it was replaced some time ago by Microsoft Edge), Microsoft has advised that there is a zero-day vulnerability that can open you up to an online attack. If Microsoft's browser is your preferred browser, immediately upgrade to Microsoft Edge. In any event, stop using the outdated and vulnerable Internet Explorer. If you have already switched to another browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, you should still update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge and make sure you no longer have an old version of Internet Explorer on your PC. 

In addition, never open a Microsoft Office file (e.g., .docx) from an unknown or untrusted site.

Make sure that Microsoft Defender Antivirus and/or Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and any other antivirus and antimalware products you have on your pc are up to date, and regularly scan your PC for vulnerabilities.


Richard L. Kuper

The Kuper Report