November 07, 2019

Google Speaker Alarm vs. Alarm Clock After Power Outage

This morning I was awakened by loud flights overhead. That usually only occurs when flights have been redirected due to weather conditions. There is an airport about five miles away.

Apparently there was some kind of power surge that tripped the circuit breaker and turned off power that included my bedroom. Only that one circuit breaker was tripped for some reason.

I did some quick research and discovered that there were indeed Con-Ed power outages in parts of New York City and Westchester, but no news reports. (For those served by Con-Ed, here's the link to the Con-Ed Storm Center:

I reset the circuit breaker. The Google Speaker came back. I asked it the time and it responded properly. I asked if there was an alarm set and it confirmed the alarm was still set. The alarm clocks in the room, however, were a different story. When the power turned back on, the clocks blinked 12:00, which means that any alarm that might have been set on the alarm clocks would not be ringing at the correct time.

Of course, if I had not discovered the power outage prior to when I needed to wake up I may have missed an appointment today. It's good to know that when power was restored my Google speaker was still prepared to ring my alarm at the correct time and I didn't have to reset everything like I will need to do for each alarm clock. (I did not also have an Amazon speaker alarm set, but I will make an assumption here that it would also have still remembered any alarm settings.)


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Richard L. Kuper

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