November 08, 2019

SiriusXM Now (Finally!) Available On Google (Updated)

Google is finally in the process of rolling out the ability to listen to SiriusXM on their devices. It has been available on Amazon devices for quite some time. 

If you have a SiriusXM All Access or Streaming subscription, you can now connect that to your Google (Nest) Home devices. If you don't have SirusXM, they are offering 3 months free of either Premier Streaming or All Access.

To connect, open the Google Home app and go to Settings/Radio.

As of this writing, if the service is available where you are, there will be a choice to get a free 3-month SiriusXM subscription. Select that even if you already have a subscription. The next screen will give you the opportunity to connect your existing account.


Note: If you have a non-Google-branded speaker or if the speaker doesn't recognize that you have connected your SiriusXM account in the Home app, you may need to reset your device and add it back to your home group (or whatever group you may have created). See the instructions for your device on how to reset it. Disconnecting it from the power source and then reconnecting it is not a reset.


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Richard L. Kuper

The Kuper Report